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Revoked / Suspended License

Illinois Driver's License Suspension and Revocation -Asking the Right Questions:
If you have been charged with driving while your license is suspended or driving while your license is revoked, contact a suspended license defense attorney to help you get the results you need. At Bentz Law Firm, we begin each suspended license case by reviewing your record to determine why your license was suspended or revoked. We know what questions to ask in order to discover a cause for defense of your case that could result in a dismissal. Questions to consider include:

  Did your vehicle fail an emissions test?
  Did you fail to maintain insurance on your vehicle?
  Did you have three moving violation tickets in a 12-month period?
  Did you have a DUI charge?

What Do We Offer?
The Bentz Law Firm examines the problems affecting your license and works to correct each one. Jessica C. Bentz of the Bentz Law Firm is an Illinois driver's license suspension attorney with excellent negotiating skills and courtroom experience. It is because of professional experience, knowledge of the law, and commitment to clients that the Bentz Law Firm may be able to help you undo the damage that caused your license suspension.

Don't wait until it's too late-
Give yourself a distinct advantage by hiring an attorney as early as possible. If you continue to drive after your license is suspended, you risk a DWLS (driving while license suspended) conviction which is a Class A misdemeanor with serious consequences. Get the legal support you need and contact Bentz Law Firm today for a free consultation online or by asking for Attorney Bentz at (312)641.2233.

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