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Illinois Bankruptcy

Chicago, IL Bankruptcy Law Firm
Many circumstances can cause a person to feel that they need to file for bankruptcy. These circumstances can include job lay-offs, debt, medical bills, and late car or home payments. At Bentz Law Firm, LLC we understand that filing for bankruptcy can be overwhelming and leave you feeling vulnerable to losing the assets you've worked hard for. The Bentz Law Firm, LLC practices in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Because of changes to bankruptcy law in the past few years, it is imperative that you hire an experienced attorney who can help you manage your legal matters and determine what type of bankruptcy, if any is appropriate for your financial situation. At Bentz Law Firm, LLC we are dedicated to the following:

  Exploring all of your legal options and possible alternatives to bankruptcy
  Helping you make the right decision as to whether or not to file for bankruptcy
  Helping you determine what type of bankruptcy filing meets your needs
  Navigating you through the bankruptcy process each step of the way

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Foreclosure Garnishment
Repossession IRS Debt
Payday Loans Medical Bills
Harassing Collectors Credit Card Debt

Why Choose The Bentz Law Firm?
There exists no one-size-fits-all solution when addressing an individual's financial situation. We embrace a personalized approach to each bankruptcy client that we serve. Our goal is to provide our clients an affordable, individualized bankruptcy solution. Let us help you determine if bankruptcy is in your best interest, and if so what type of bankruptcy will best suit your needs. We extend to our potential clients a free bankruptcy consultation in which we analyze your financial situation, discuss available options, and processes involved in those options. At Bentz Law Firm we care about your financial situation. We want to be a part of your fresh start on life. We will treat your financial tribulations as our own, and help you achieve your goals.

About This Site
During what can only be described as difficult economic times, we realize that many Chicagoland residents are forced to face new financial challenges. For that reason, we’ve developed this area dedicated to Illinois bankruptcy issues. This website is not intended to serve as legal advice, but to assist you in making informed decisions regarding your specific Illinois bankruptcy needs. This website empowers clients with the following information:

  Illinois Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Information
  Illinois Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Information
  Illinois Bankruptcy FAQs
  Illinois Bankruptcy Myths
  Illinois Bankruptcy Free Consultation Form

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