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DUI & DWI Defense

Illinois DUI and DWI Defense
Consequences of a DUI (DWI drunk driving) related conviction in Illinois are severe. Indidivuals convicted of drunk driving may face punishments such as imprisonment, probation, loss or suspension of driver's license, forced rehabilitation programs, heavy fines, and/or community service. Each case is unique and Chicago DUI attorney Jessica C. Bentz treats each set of circumstances with aggressive representation and an individualized legal analysis.

Save Your License
If you are arrested for a DUI/DWI in Illinois your license could be suspended. An experienced criminal lawyer should question the initial stop by police before proceeding to the merits of the case. Ms. Bentz begins each case by investigating whether law enforcement had a valid reason for the traffic stop and whether evidence was gathered in accordance with your rights under the law. If applicable, she will file a petition in an endeavor to prevent the summary suspension of the driver's license. 

Ask the Right Questions
You may feel that you have no valid defense to your DUI related charges. However, at Bentz Law Firm, we are familiar with a variety of DUI defenses. We know what questions to ask in order to discover a cause for defense of your case that could result in a dismissal. Questions to consider include:

Was there Probable cause?
Were you given implied consent warnings?
Possession of a Controlled & Dangerous Substance
Were you read your Miranda Rights?
Is there potential for faulty blood alcohol tests?
Was proper protocol followed during blood alcohol testing?
Was proper protocol followed during field sobriety testing?

Why Choose Bentz Law Firm?
At the Bentz Law Firm, attorney Jessica C. Bentz is not only skilled and experienced in criminal law; she is an aggressive and a dedicated individual. At Bentz Law, we take pride in developing strong, mutually beneficial relationships with each client. We are not here to judge you; we are here to protect your constitutional rights, and to pursue your unique DUI case goals. We place an emphasis on communication to ensure that every client understands the unique aspects of their DUI related case each step of the way. This approach prevents the unexpected for our clients and helps ensure a successful DUI case result.

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